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Welcome to Beaver State Roads!

My name is Jonathan. Simply put, Beaver State Roads aims to be your one-stop shop for information on Oregon state routes, highways, and other important roads. It was borne out of an earlier project, ORoads, which was originally hosted on Angelfire starting around 2002 under my pseudonym Jason of ORoads. Unfortunately, ORoads became all but abandonned in the late 2000s-early 2010s due to life and other things, and during that time both the site design and the information within grew stale. Beaver State Roads strives to correct the outdated information plus add in the wealth of additional knowledge obtained over the past 20 years, presenting route and highway history and data as accurate as possible.

πŸ“„ Pages

While I'll be adding more pages to the site in the future, here's what's available now:

Future articles will revolve around Oregon Route 6 and Oregon's mileposting system as a whole.

❓ How to Help

At present, writing these articles is a solo effort. Once I get some good information on here in the near future, the goal is to recruit additional Oregon roadgeeks as contributors. The decision to present this site in a wiki format was made with collaboration and education in mind. I don't have all the answers, and want to give people who may have those answers a platform on which to reveal them. Once I figure out some basic guidelines, I will extend offers as necessary.

However, there are other ways to help:

  • What I prize above all is information. This includes (but isn't limited to) any documents, photos, maps, articles, meeting minutes, or other miscellany that may shed new light on Oregon's highways or provide a glimpse into the past, present or future. If you have anything about Oregon's highways that I can use on this site β€” especially historic or unique photos β€” please feel free to send it to beaverstateroads AT gmail DOT com. You will be given credit on the about page once I write it.
  • That said, I will eventually figure out how to set up accounts for people to donate to assist the site. This is necessary because unfortunately, a lot of good information, including high-quality photos, are locked away behind expensive fees to retrieve and scan the data. For example, the Oregon Secretary of State's office demands $20 per high-quality scan of photos, and research time in the Multnomah County archives can add up quickly. Any future financial assistance I receive would be much appreciated, and I would make an effort to document where and how the money I receive is used.
  • I may also need some assistance making this site mobile-friendly in the near future.

Creating the most complete history of Oregon state highways is a herculean effort, but with your help it doesn't have to be. Thank you in advance!

πŸ“° Recent Oregon Highway News

πŸ’₯ 🚧 Slide closes South River Road, traffic blocked until at least Monday
(1/28/2024 β€” Salem Reporter β€” Salem)
A landslide has closed South River Road as city crews evaluate the conditions. The road is closed from Owens Street South to the entrance of Minto-Brown Island Park. The park remains open.
πŸ’₯ 🚧 High Water In Hillsboro Closes Roads And Parks
(1/28/2024 β€” Hillsboro Herald β€” Hillsboro)
Water, water, everywhere! The month is not over yet, but Hillsboro, Oregon, and the valley will end up at the end of this month with a January 2024 total of 8.5+ inches. We average 5.14 inches in January historically.
😑 πŸ’₯ 🚧 Mudslide in Astoria impacts 7 residences, closes road
(1/27/2024 β€” KGW NBC 8 β€” Portland)
A slow-moving mudslide is affecting residents and has closed a section of a street in Astoria, officials said Saturday morning. The mudslide was reported around 10:01 a.m. in the area of 27th Street and Grand Avenue. Police notified residents and city public works officials, who are assessing the situation.
πŸ”¨ ODOT seeking public feedback on plan between Phoenix and South Medford
(1/26/2024 β€” KDRV NewsWatch 12 β€” Medford)
The Oregon Department of Transportation is asking for public feedback on a potential overpass between Phoenix and the South Medford exit. ODOT is reviewing multiple roadway options to lift stress on area interchanges and local roads.
πŸ“Ί Grant’s Getaways: A paradise for birds and beasts can be found along this Oregon backroad byway
(1/26/2024 β€” KGW NBC 8 β€” Portland)
A cold winter chill may dampen, but never drown my spirit for adventure along Oregon roadways that are less traveled; especially when I’ve so much wild company to show the way.
Class action lawsuit filed against Medford for red-light trap
(1/25/2024 β€” KOBI-TV NBC 5/KOTI-TV NBC 2 β€” Medford/Klamath Falls)
After almost two years in the making, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the City of Medford and the Medford Police Department. The class action pertains to a photo red-light camera ticketing program that the plaintiff and attorney on the case claim has been operating illegally.
😑 🚧 Highway 26 back open after rolled-over semi removed
(1/24/2024 β€” Central Oregon Daily β€” Bend)
Highway 26 is now open between Mt. Hood and Warm Springs following a closure to recover a semi-truck that crashed Tuesday, says ODOT. The Highway was re-opened around 7:45 pm Wednesday evening after closing earlier in the afternoon.
😑 πŸ’₯ ODOT: Pothole may have damaged around 40 cars on I-205 172-mile bike and pedestrian corridor in development in southwest Oregon
(1/23/2024 β€” KGW NBC 8 β€” Portland)
An emergency pothole repair is underway on a lane of I-205 southbound after an estimated 40 cars were "potentially damaged", according to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).
πŸ”¨ 172-mile bike and pedestrian corridor in development in southwest Oregon
(1/23/2024 β€” KDRV NewsWatch 12 β€” Medford)
The Rogue-Umpqua Bicycle and Pedestrian Corridor plan helps address bicycle and pedestrian needs along the entire 172-mile corridor. That corridor consists of North Umpqua Highway, Diamond Lake Highway, Crater Lake Highway and Sams Valley Highway.
🚧 PHOTOS: Driver ignores Tillamook County road closure, plunges into hole left by 200-foot landslide
(1/22/2024 β€” KOIN CBS 6 β€” Portland)
An unknown driver in Tillamook County drove past safety barricades during the early morning hours of Jan. 21 before plunging into a hole left by a 200-foot landslide, which shut down Sandlake Road on Dec. 6.
😑 πŸ”¨ $200 million federal grant will help fund Hood River bridge replacement
(1/22/2024 β€” KGW NBC 8 β€” Portland)
The Hood River Bridge replacement project has secured a $200 million federal grant, enough to cover more than a third of the projected cost of a new bridge across the Columbia River between Hood River and White Salmon.
🚧 I-84 reopens in Columbia River Gorge
(1/19/2024 β€” OregonLive β€” Portland)
Oregon transportation officials reopened a 47-mile stretch of Interstate 84 in the Columbia River Gorge that had been closed since Tuesday afternoon. The closure of the freeway from Troutdale to Hood River lasted nearly 31 hours.
πŸ’₯ East MultCo. still plagued by icy roads and downed power lines
(1/18/2024 β€” KOIN CBS 6 β€” Portland)
A powerline that struck an occupied car Thursday night in Troutdale is just one example of the freezing rain making a mess of local roads and causing outages β€” particularly in East Multnomah County β€” just as parts of the greater Portland area were starting to thaw out.
🚧 Hwy 26 closed west of Warm Springs due to spun-out trucks
(1/18/2024 β€” KPTV Fox 12 Oregon β€” Portland)
Highway 26 is closed near Warm Springs, according to the Oregon Department of Transportation. Just after 10 a.m., ODOT posted on X about the closure from milepost 100 to 101, west of Warm Springs. Several trucks have spun out on the highway.
🚧 πŸ“Ί Truckers wait for I-84 to reopen between Troutdale and Hood River
(1/17/2024 β€” KPTV Fox 12 Oregon β€” Portland)
Driving conditions are bad everywhere but even more dangerous as you head toward the Gorge.
🚧 ODOT warns drivers to prepare for slippery roads, announces road closures
(1/17/2024 β€” KVAL 13 News β€” Eugene, OR)
As temperatures begin to warm up, ice and snow will melt. That's why the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is telling drivers to be prepared for slippery roads and high water.
πŸ’₯ Icy conditions causing loss of traction, downed power lines on I-5
(1/16/2024 β€” KATU ABC 2 β€” Portland)
Icy conditions are causing vehicles to lose traction and crash on the southbound off ramp of Interstate 5 at Exit 199, Oregon Dept. of Transportation reports. They advise motorists to use an alternate route.
🚧 Fatal two-vehicle crash closes Oregon Highway 58 near Odell Lake for hours
(1/16/2024 β€” KTVZ NewsChannel 21 β€” Bend)
A two-vehicle crash Monday night on Oregon Highway 58 near Odell Lake claimed a life and closed the highway for hours, authorities said. The crash was reported around 9 p.m. near milepost 61, about halfway between the Highway 9[7] junction and Oakridge.
🚧 ODOT closes I-84 through the Columbia River Gorge
(1/16/2024 β€” KATU ABC 2 β€” Portland)
The Oregon Department of Transportation says they have closed I-84 in the Gorge before conditions become unsafe. β€œWe close the gorge when conditions are unsafe, and we will keep it closed until we can get the roads safe again...”
πŸ’₯ I-5 backup leaves drivers stranded for hours
(1/15/2024 β€” KEZI-TV ABC 9 β€” Eugene)
Hundreds of people are home safe after spending more than 15 hours stuck on Interstate 5 south of Eugene, but many more are still stuck on the highway. Spin-outs and loss of traction caused multiple accidents, and brought traffic on I-5 Northbound near Cottage Grove to a stand-still.
🚧 PBOT provides update after 3 days of winter storm: 44 roads closed in Portland
(1/15/2024 β€” KATU ABC 2 β€” Portland)
Although there are currently 44 closed roads in Portland, the Portland Bureau of Transportation says that if you have any important errands to run, you should do them today - because more winter weather expected tomorrow will tangle things up again.
πŸ”¨ πŸ”Š Historic Columbia Gorge highway is one step nearer completion, with world-class aspirations
(1/11/2024 β€” Oregon Public Broadcasting β€” Portland)
There are 77 waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge, and that’s just on the Oregon side. You can catch a glimpse of some as you drive along Interstate 84. But for the best views, you need to travel the old Columbia River Highway, which snakes along the basalt walls offering one picture book scene after another.

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